Cowbridge: Sign up to our free directory and give your business a boost in 2022

  Posted: 11.01.22 at 10:26 by Issy Millett

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Are you a Cowbridge business owner?

Have you added your business to our Local List yet?

An increasing number of Cowbridge businesses are signing up to our FREE Directory.

Why not add your company to our Local List and give your business a boost in 2022?

We can help spread the word about your business and reach our thousands of readers for free.

Here is how you sign up:

1. Click the link HERE and press the black 'Nub It' button.
2. Fill in details describing your business and how we can get in contact.
3. Click submit - we'll then review your listing as quickly as possible and, when that is done, you are on our Local List.

Joining the Local List community takes minutes and can result in lots of new leads and business for you.


We also write in-depth features on local businesses doing great things while highlighting their work.

Don't forget, if you have an event to promote, advertise it for FREE in our What's On Section.

Clicking the link HERE
And if you have a story or opinion about Cowbridge you'd like to share, get in touch! Email [email protected]

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