Local Police Warn Residents Against Scammers During Coronavirus Outbreak

  Posted: 19.03.20 at 08:48 by Zola Hargreaves

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South Wales Police in the Vale of Glamorgan has praised communities for coming together and helping each other but warn of the small number of scammers and fraudsters that will use this as an opportunity to take advantage of vulnerable people.

In a statement they said: ''Although the coronavirus outbreak will be a challenge for us all, we have seen numerous examples of communities coming together and helping each other, particularly the most vulnerable.

''It is fantastic to see these examples of community spirit, and we want to encourage that to continue while abiding by the latest public health guidance.

''However, we also want to pass on some advice to keep everyone – and particularly the vulnerable – safe from the tiny minority who may try to take advantage of others’ situations during this outbreak by claiming to be offering support, while in fact acting with an ulterior motive.''

During the current outbreak, the police ask people to bear in mind the below – for example when forming, or accepting help from, community support groups:

• Only accept help from people you know. Similarly, operate community support groups in small blocks locally where you will be known to your neighbours
• Do not pay cash (for example for groceries) in advance, and don’t hand over your card for someone to visit the shops on your behalf
• Groceries should be left on your doorstep. Do not permit any ‘volunteer’ into your home under any circumstances
• If someone claims to be from a company or organisation, always ask for and check identification. If they're genuine they won't mind waiting while you check
• Check their credentials with the organisation they say they're from. Find the number in a directory independently of the person on your doorstep
• Use a door chain to put you in control, and consider using password schemes
• If you need help, contact appropriate and trusted organisations such as Age Cymru, the Royal Voluntary Service, Care & Repair Cymru or Citizens Advice
• To speak to the police, call 101, or 999 in an emergency.

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